No more clothes! What?!?

Triple Thinking Laundry

Last year I was made aware that washing your clothes can cause pollution. I was like, “Seriously. I make my own laundry, use the most purest (well almost purest) of ingredients and I still cause pollution.”┬áTo be fair, in this day and age, what’s really pure and natural? Turns out, as the laundry monster (my […]

Winning in 2015

Okay, confession. I’ve written and rewritten this entry because heaven knows I have NOT written in the longest, looonnngggessssttt time. So far, I’ve hated what I wrote so I’m not even going to expect much. I’m just going to be me and I hope you enjoy me as me. Yeah? Nuf said. Moving on. My […]

Happy New Year 2015!!!

Reviving this blog to chronicle my healthy living, healthy lifestyle, healthy everything. So many things I wish to do WHILE maintaining a great great GREAT job and a happy (at least sane) marriage. Big challenge I know. A girl has to have goals. So I’m (re)-naming this blog: MEEMAX CLEANS UP. Because, biyatches (just a […]

12 Years of Hate – Begone!

I had a jerk of a boyfriend once (or maybe twice). He was cute. Short but cute with a silly dimple. He had this nice and quirky smile telling me like he has it all figured out. He had the funny answer to everything. And I was so happy that I had him. I would […]

MeemaX Means Business

Oh yeah! Imagine it with a southern accent with a bit of swagger. Whatever that means. I still in the stage of “starting a business” because yeah I didn’t really know what I am doing. I got myself a business coach now and she’s going to tell me what I need to know. That’ll start […]


Things are a bit tough for me lately. Juggling responsibilities seemed to be taking a toll at me and my OCD personality is just not letting me off the stupid little promises that I made for myself. But life shouldn’t be about responsibilities. Life is a privilege. You just think you’re being swallowed whole but […]

Reloading Project: Healthy Me

So I’ve about given up everything because I am at a crossroad in my life. Getting this tennis ball sized tumor in my belly is like wake up call for me… waking up to a bang of a huge brass gong. Like I know right, I’m 30. Still *ehem* relatively young and spicy (what?). Though […]

Project: Healthy Me

(Click to enlarge; from WapsiSquare) I can relate. A lot of people think I’m tiny but I’m actually 15 pounds overweight and have body fat percentage that’s through the roof. My ideal weight would be 95-100 lbs factoring in my height, BMI and bone density. I have thin, thin bones so I should not be […]

Old San Diego Hotel

Old San Diego Hotel

Old San Diego Hotel by Meema Esguerra at

Not Enough Flowers

Not Enough Flowers

Not Enough Flowers by Meema Esguerra at

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