Project: Healthy Me

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I can relate. A lot of people think I’m tiny but I’m actually 15 pounds overweight and have body fat percentage that’s through the roof. My ideal weight would be 95-100 lbs factoring in my height, BMI and bone density. I have thin, thin bones so I should not be heavy. I still look tiny as a lot of Asian girls look as long as I don’t show my tummy.

I almost do not exercise and I dislike the outdoors. I have a bulging stomach and grab-able love handles forming a muffin top when I’m wearing jeans. Not only does it NOT look nice, belly fat is the worst fat there is as it surrounds your organs. And I am very estrogen dominant which should not be if my liver is healthy.

Being a tiny Asian doesn’t mean I’m healthy. So in the recent months I have obsessed into ways of becoming healthier. I’m 30 years old, my metabolism is not what it used to be. But since I know I’ll procrastinate forever on exercising so I’m starting on one of the things I love to do: cooking. Being aware of healthier choices and healthier cooking can definitely goes a long way.

How about you guys? Any health make-over choices lately?

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  1. Paul Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing! =D

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