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Long Ass Vulnerability Post

People probably know it. It is official I am going through a divorce. I empathize with everyone who has gone or is going through separation. It is so so emotionally draining. The number of times I just want to stop what I’m doing midstep to just break down and cry. Cry my ugliest cry. I […]

Dear Fibroid, I think I am Ready

Prelude: We sometimes don’t realize that it isn’t only bad food or health choices that manifests chronic disease and growth. We forget that the emotions and states we chose to invest in will greatly affect our bodies, because our bodies are amazing and will do whatever it can to keep balance and survive. I finally […]

Old San Diego Hotel

Old San Diego Hotel

Old San Diego Hotel by Meema Esguerra at

Not Enough Flowers

Not Enough Flowers

Not Enough Flowers by Meema Esguerra at

Looking Down

Looking Down

Looking Down by Meema Esguerra at

[Grateful Journal] Giving

Silla (Chair)

Silla (Chair) @ Instagram I’m such a coupon hog. If I like the item or service and it’s in a coupon, I’d buy it. Not even thinking if the service is too far or how much effort it takes to actually redeem the coupon. Anyway, I went to this massage therapy clinic in San Francisco. […]

[Grateful Journal] Road to Point Bonita

Road to Point Bonita

Road at Point Bonita @ Instagram My selective memory somehow decided that I should forget to shoot at least a picture everyday. Either I’m a sad snide human who can’t seem to find anything to be grateful for in a day; or I really am that forgetful. Either way, I still would like to conquer […]

Fiery Black

Fiery Black Sunset seen at Sunset Cliffs

Fiery Black by Meema Esguerra at

Chinese Umbrellas

Chinese Umbrellas

During my trip to Beijing, China, these umbrellas were sold practically everywhere. It was summer. As Americans and other Caucasians walk around enjoying the sun, us Asians are all too freakout about getting dark. LOL! I’d say the umbrella vendors’ best costumers were the Chinese people themselves. Heh. Click to enlarge

[Grateful Journal] Therapist


My therapist G. She tells me I’m cute, gorgeous, outgoing and small. Yes, I need a therapist for that but I still love her. 😀 Taken on June 1, 2011. June is my start-getting-sexier month. I’m establishing proper sleeping, eating and exercise habits. That means trying to get my bed-hugging and lethargic ass out of […]

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