Winning in 2015

Okay, confession. I’ve written and rewritten this entry because heaven knows I have NOT written in the longest, looonnngggessssttt time. So far, I’ve hated what I wrote so I’m not even going to expect much. I’m just going to be me and I hope you enjoy me as me.

Yeah? Nuf said. Moving on.

My life will start on 2015. All the hustle and bustle is done and over with in 2014. 2014 was, to put it lightly, the most transformative year I have ever experience. The unemployment, wedding planning, job searching, almost break-ups, doubts, questioning, etc. I know right? But they were not ALL downers. Through the storm, there were also retreats, self-love, help and strength I found within myself.

So who can blame me feeling like I can have it all in 2015? Am I right? I am winning so far, so good. And hopefully, this attitude will get me further more.


As Sheen On TV – PVPOnline by Scott R. Kurtz

I’ve been scared though. And why wouldn’t I be? I will actually be doing something I haven’t done before which is … doing. I have always been a busy bee but that’s because I like to distract myself from the actual task at hand.

This year is the year of doing. Doing what you ask? Well, let me tell you my friend.

This is the year I clean myself up.

Yeah you heard that. Although I have a very vague idea on what that is and this entry is solely written to get my head straight and lay my mental ducks in a row.

What I would love in 2015:

  1. Immerse myself and my family in a GAPS diet which will go on to a minimum of 2 years.
    • I will be undergoing surgery. It’s only out-patient but still scares the crap out of me going under the knife. The GAPS diet will allow me to get rid of my preexisting conditions and allow me to heal much more quickly. This is my biggest goal as I should be able to prep and cook all the time and plan our meals – on top of working full time and all of below.
  2. Practice transcendental meditation 2x a day – and other meditation practices such as walking meditation.
    • Because I know in the long run, it serves me to meditate and relax. My surgery would not be necessary if I was able to handle my stress which is proven more difficult because I have high energy and I like to start projects which stresses me out after awhile.
  3. Become a professional belly dancer. Have a 30 minute to 1 hour exercise 5x a week outside of dancing.
    • I would like have a form of exercise I enjoy. I would also like to enjoy exercise.
  4. Live in a clean home all the time with non-toxic cleaning solutions.
    • Implement house rules.
  5. Live a ZERO waste lifestyle – biodegradable and plastic-free (well mostly).
    • And stop being guilty for being so wasteful. This will be a challenge with a husband who doesn’t like change. This requires trash sorting, recycling, giving up plastic, and only buying high quality that should last us forever.
  6. This includes plastic-free clothing – saying goodbye to polyester and fleece.
    • Saving no to microplastic pollution.
  7. Optimize home energy and water consumption.
    • Replace water heater, install tint on windows, etc.
  8. Be a master of money and abundance. Bring in more cash.
    • Thing of ways to bring in more cash while being watchful and thankful of what I have.
  9. Create an organized organic garden – complete with mason bees, bats and ladybugs.
    • Yes, yes and YES!

As you can see, I’m turning into a hippie. Which is not a big deal. I now work for BitTorrent, a rebel in the IT industry and advocate of open internet. IT-wise, I can’t get more hippie than that.

2015 is my big year. A year I am decorating with big dreams sprinkled by magic pixie dust made of Kharisma with a Meema cherry on top.

I’d love to know your dreams as well. Post them in the comments below, please!

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