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Long Ass Vulnerability Post

People probably know it. It is official I am going through a divorce. I empathize with everyone who has gone or is going through separation. It is so so emotionally draining. The number of times I just want to stop what I’m doing midstep to just break down and cry. Cry my ugliest cry. I […]


(Written last year on Sept. 2, 2020) The topic of deservability has popped up in different ways in our conversations. So much so that it has caused me to pause and ponder and wonder how I got into this mindset. I’ve talked a big talk about deservability and how much I’ve worked on it. But… […]

Merge Sort

Hur hur hur. I laughed coz it’s a nerdy joke. Hope you got that one. It’s also funny that my previous post (from a year ago) mentioned something about merging my blogs into one. Coz I’m thinking of another type of merging too. Not too different. More like becoming whole. Whoa, that just went deep. […]

Where, o where?

The writing begins. Although, I am confused as to where I should be writing. I, officially, have 3 blog sites. One profesh (professional if you’re reading this 30 years late and this slang has died down), this one and my original one. This English site is for my friends here in the US, who honestly, […]

Writing Bug

Hello darkness, my old friend. Yes from the song. No, not from the movie Trolls. (Can you relate? Lol!) I am having the urge to write again. Now I’ve scratched the itch and here I am. Given that I am out of practice, the first few blogs will probably suck b*lls. But who’s reading anyway? […]

My Ride Home

The jeepney was crowded. People were sitting side by side very closely. The jeepney dispatcher called for 2 or 3 more passengers even though there’s only space for half a butt cheek. Some riders who were already sitting move some inches forward to let the new ones have more than half-a-butt-cheek seat. Riders sit in […]

Budget NAO

What budget? I’m not really the type of person who believes in budgets. Budget has a sense of scarcity attached to it which irks me a bit. I tend to focus on expansion and income as opposed to scarcity. Budgeting or allocating some money for the everyday stuff is also acceptable for me. Not budget […]

The Faithful Moment – April 6, 2015

  Many things happened after the surgery. Many things… shifted. Every month after, I would look back and not recognize the person who I was a month before. This is more of a getting to know post. My introspective posts generally happens around 2am as @kilcher knows so well. Well at least, that hasn’t changed. […]

Take a Ride with Me

You know that moment… When you think you have had enough. When you want to change how you feel everyday. Or when you want to change your place in the world. That moment will turn into a ride you’ll never want to get out of. For me, my journey started with my first weight loss […]

The Arm That Wasn’t There

It hurts… a little bit. When you reached out to grab a friend by their arm as you both traverse a busy lunch area. They pull their arm out of reach. You wonder what was wrong. A tinge of memory floats to the surface from the subconscious. You can’t exactly see what memory it was, […]

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