Writing Bug

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Yes from the song. No, not from the movie Trolls.

(Can you relate? Lol!)

I am having the urge to write again. Now I’ve scratched the itch and here I am. Given that I am out of practice, the first few blogs will probably suck b*lls. But who’s reading anyway?

If you are, then bear with me through my sucky posts.

The urge to write have been nudging me for awhile now. I have been distracted enough by life to ignore it. Tonight on my 3rd week of unemployment, I felt I should scratch it (also I am procrastinating so badly on reading my books that it override my procrastination to write).

So hopefully, I do give myself a chance to write or blog again. I’ve been called to make videos as well but I think I am going to give writing a fair shot first.

It is the older sister after all. Video can have its turn later.

Welcome back Meemax!

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