MeemaX Means Business

Oh yeah! Imagine it with a southern accent with a bit of swagger. Whatever that means.

I still in the stage of “starting a business” because yeah I didn’t really know what I am doing. I got myself a business coach now and she’s going to tell me what I need to know. That’ll start next month, but before that I gotta get my shit together as much as possible.

Means I gotta close whatever I can close so that I free up more time for clients. Yey! Just imagining myself with clients. Whoop!

I also have to earn so I can enroll into the TCM class I’ve been psyched about. It’s suppose to make me better at what I’m offering. Or at least make me better at knowing what’s behind the little things people say.

Like right now, what am I really saying?

I’m blogging about it, means I’m all excited. But also worked up because I’ve been in this “starting” stage too long. I am blogging so that people know and that I can be accountable and be embarrassed enough to get things going.

I won’t be telling what my business(es) will be about. If you know me, you’ll know. If not, well, you’ll know soon enough. I’m making this blog my sounding board of sorts. This or Tumblr or Twitter. Gotta go with the times, social media is what it’s all about.

Oh, I have gotten back to photographer. Except I’m just editing pictures for now. At least 1 picture a day for 365 days. I’m going to fix my Selpong blog and make a Tumblr for it.

Because every topic and every 365 project has a Tumblr blog. No kidding. True fact.

Well gotta go now. Mwah mwah! Miss you guys! Peace!

PS. You’ll be in for a surprise by the end of the month. Stay tune!
PPS. Why is there a Southern voice in my head that swaggers?

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