Happy New Year 2015!!!

Reviving this blog to chronicle my healthy living, healthy lifestyle, healthy everything. So many things I wish to do WHILE maintaining a great great GREAT job and a happy (at least sane) marriage.

Big challenge I know. A girl has to have goals.

So I’m (re)-naming this blog: MEEMAX CLEANS UP.

Because, biyatches (just a form of expression, no offense there), I am cleaning up my life, my home and the whole system. I have been doing so for the past 2 years already. Saying bye-bye to plastics, making friends with non-toxic natural cleaners and just going gaga with natural, organic and gluten-free foods. (*rolls eyes* I know).

But where is my exercise? My meditation? I am well aware that organic food doesn’t mean healthy. It is healthi-er, but not really good for you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This year, is year of implementation. Abundance in health, wealth and life. (like Usana, huwat?!)

I hope to have your support as I know I won’t just be posting goodies here but also challenges. It’s never been easy for me to finish anything (or even start something like exercise ugh!).

As my friend Potpot says it, I LOVE YOU ALL!

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