Reloading Project: Healthy Me

So I’ve about given up everything because I am at a crossroad in my life.

Getting this tennis ball sized tumor in my belly is like wake up call for me… waking up to a bang of a huge brass gong.

Like I know right, I’m 30. Still *ehem* relatively young and spicy (what?). Though I worry about my looks and my weight (who doesn’t) I haven’t really taken health seriously until recently.

Last year I was able to make my curves less curvy by going through all sorts of things. You guessed it, I spent a lot of money on things that wouldn’t last in the first place. Hypnotherapy, cold laser, fasting/juicing. They worked for like a week or 2 then I just got my “lost” curves back.

I wasted my time, my money and possibly affected my job. This is because I lost self-esteem, crushed by an entity who doesn’t deserved to be name (but may he rest in turmoil LOL). Being dumped can do that to your confidence especially if it’s a brutal relationship. I was never good enough so I went all out to get the “me” that was before the relationship.

The girl he fell in love with.

Like fat chance that would get him back! Which is all good, because I don’t want him back. I don’t even want him in the same state.

Uhhh… Sorry I digress.

The point is, I realize now as that I’m aiming to be healthy for me (and not for *ugh* him), that what I did was never the correct way to be a better me. I just don’t want to be healthy, I want to be healthy in all aspects. Because the reason I want to be healthy is so I could still do the things I want and enjoy all the things I want.

For me, myself.

I cannot do all of these in one go. My plan is to immerse myself in knowledge and slowly incorporate good habits and better choices in my life. This is a lifestyle change, baby! Ain’t none of you can do anything about it. (Grammar police alert!)

Keywords: Lifestyle change. I’ll live like a hippy. Well no, maybe. Eh!

I probably won’t eat like a goat and give up on meat all together. But small changes make big impacts. No shortcuts. No magic elixir. No starting everything from scratch.

Slowly alkalize my body, move more, put more greens in my intake, surround myself with inspiring people.

I won’t stop with my body. I’d like to have a healthy mind too and healthy spirit. I hope to be a sexy momma with a stable enough sanity. Be that trophy wife every guy dreams about, but doesn’t care if there’s no guy yet, right? Meditate and exercise. Pray.

All this because I do love myself. I should keep loving myself. And I know I’ll love the people I care about more, by first taking care of myself.

So you, my reader, one of probably 3 readers I have. I love you too! Love yourself as well. I don’t want to lose my only 3 readers.

I’m gonna be updating this blog on major achievements I have but the smaller updates will be in tumblr (meemaxplusplus). It was my review tumblr now turned I-am-gonna-stuff-it-with-goody-healthy-updates-til-you-puke tumblr. The name’s taken so I’m sticking with MeemaXPlusPlus.

I’d love your support. Leave a comment or message me. Or not. I’ll imagine your love flying through the screen anyway. ^_^

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  1. potsquared says:

    you can do it meema!!! aja!

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