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Long Ass Vulnerability Post

People probably know it. It is official I am going through a divorce. I empathize with everyone who has gone or is going through separation. It is so so emotionally draining. The number of times I just want to stop what I’m doing midstep to just break down and cry. Cry my ugliest cry. I […]

Merge Sort

Hur hur hur. I laughed coz it’s a nerdy joke. Hope you got that one. It’s also funny that my previous post (from a year ago) mentioned something about merging my blogs into one. Coz I’m thinking of another type of merging too. Not too different. More like becoming whole. Whoa, that just went deep. […]

Where, o where?

The writing begins. Although, I am confused as to where I should be writing. I, officially, have 3 blog sites. One profesh (professional if you’re reading this 30 years late and this slang has died down), this one and my original one. This English site is for my friends here in the US, who honestly, […]

Writing Bug

Hello darkness, my old friend. Yes from the song. No, not from the movie Trolls. (Can you relate? Lol!) I am having the urge to write again. Now I’ve scratched the itch and here I am. Given that I am out of practice, the first few blogs will probably suck b*lls. But who’s reading anyway? […]

The Faithful Moment – April 6, 2015

  Many things happened after the surgery. Many things… shifted. Every month after, I would look back and not recognize the person who I was a month before. This is more of a getting to know post. My introspective posts generally happens around 2am as @kilcher knows so well. Well at least, that hasn’t changed. […]

Reloading Project: Healthy Me

So I’ve about given up everything because I am at a crossroad in my life. Getting this tennis ball sized tumor in my belly is like wake up call for me… waking up to a bang of a huge brass gong. Like I know right, I’m 30. Still *ehem* relatively young and spicy (what?). Though […]

Project: Healthy Me

(Click to enlarge; from WapsiSquare) I can relate. A lot of people think I’m tiny but I’m actually 15 pounds overweight and have body fat percentage that’s through the roof. My ideal weight would be 95-100 lbs factoring in my height, BMI and bone density. I have thin, thin bones so I should not be […]

Photography at $5

vintage/toy camera collection as of 07/18/2011

I’ve started a new hobby and I can’t per-se say that I’m a collector or that I’m a pure film photographer but at this stage I do do do want to learn and love film/toy photography. I’m already an iphoneagraph-er (google it, hundreds of sites on it) which sprung from being into ketaigraphy (ketai – […]

A Day Not to be Missed

Prepping the chicken

Today was our trip to the quaint and sweet town of Carmel. By midday we should have been driving round the 7-mile drive, taking pictures of the most photographed cypress tree in the world while taking in the fresh seabreeze scent of this beach town. But, we missed it. Nope, the alarms (note the plural […]

[Grateful Journal] Therapist


My therapist G. She tells me I’m cute, gorgeous, outgoing and small. Yes, I need a therapist for that but I still love her. 😀 Taken on June 1, 2011. June is my start-getting-sexier month. I’m establishing proper sleeping, eating and exercise habits. That means trying to get my bed-hugging and lethargic ass out of […]

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