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I’m such a coupon hog. If I like the item or service and it’s in a coupon, I’d buy it. Not even thinking if the service is too far or how much effort it takes to actually redeem the coupon.

Anyway, I went to this massage therapy clinic in San Francisco. I had set-up an appointment at around that evening to get my first session. I have been pushing off in redeeming this service because, first, it was too far. Second, it was recommended to book the three sessions 1 or 2 days apart. So whenever I cancel an appointment, I had to cancel all three and look for three slots again that are close to each and are timed after work. I’ve been booking and rebooking for about 2 months already.

Sheesh! All this to save 50% on some therapy. Gaaah! >.<

Finally, I went on Monday evening. I finally got into the office after waiting outside in windy San Francisco for 20 minutes. I was getting a hint already that I might not be expected. Waited in the lobby for 20 minutes.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked, “Do I really have an appointment?”

Apparently, no! I did, and I cancelled! Doh!

Could have been me. Or a glitch in the system. I guess it would be me, with all this booking and rebooking. I must have cancelled this one too but still remembered that I had an appointment.

If this was an do-or-die kind of appointment (huh?), I would have probably won the Darwin Awards for dying out of stupidity.

Anyway, I got an offer for a service at late evening which I can’t. As I turn to leave, another girl in the lobby said, “You can take my spot.”

“What? No, it’s your appointment.”

“No problem.” She says she works really near and she drops by often. She can just schedule it some other time.

I declined more (the Filipino way). After much push-and-pull, I gave in and she went away.

Wow. I feel touched and so blessed.

I am so grateful for people like her. I goofed up, but there was an angel who still made it happen. I got my massage therapy session.

This is the furnishing in the massage room. I wouldn’t be here if this certain girl wasn’t ready to give.

Thank you.

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