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Dear Fibroid, I think I am Ready

Prelude: We sometimes don’t realize that it isn’t only bad food or health choices that manifests chronic disease and growth. We forget that the emotions and states we chose to invest in will greatly affect our bodies, because our bodies are amazing and will do whatever it can to keep balance and survive. I finally […]

No more clothes! What?!?

Triple Thinking Laundry

Last year I was made aware that washing your clothes can cause pollution. I was like, “Seriously. I make my own laundry, use the most purest (well almost purest) of ingredients and I still cause pollution.”┬áTo be fair, in this day and age, what’s really pure and natural? Turns out, as the laundry monster (my […]

Winning in 2015

Okay, confession. I’ve written and rewritten this entry because heaven knows I have NOT written in the longest, looonnngggessssttt time. So far, I’ve hated what I wrote so I’m not even going to expect much. I’m just going to be me and I hope you enjoy me as me. Yeah? Nuf said. Moving on. My […]

Happy New Year 2015!!!

Reviving this blog to chronicle my healthy living, healthy lifestyle, healthy everything. So many things I wish to do WHILE maintaining a great great GREAT job and a happy (at least sane) marriage. Big challenge I know. A girl has to have goals. So I’m (re)-naming this blog: MEEMAX CLEANS UP. Because, biyatches (just a […]

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