Budget NAO

What budget?

I’m not really the type of person who believes in budgets. Budget has a sense of scarcity attached to it which irks me a bit. I tend to focus on expansion and income as opposed to scarcity.

Budgeting or allocating some money for the everyday stuff is also acceptable for me. Not budget everything to death.

After mortgage, utilities, services, bills and automatic savings, we do still have some left-overs which is great! Left-over cash is always the best.

This, however, is my year. It’s an incoming year of the dog. The year I implement me. I am the mistress of my life, my career and my very being… finally… this year.

To give you an idea on what the eff is going on, let’s just say a hinge finally clicked in my brain and I’m finally feeling worthy of reaching my dreams.

The who-am-I-to-ask-for… questions were silenced. Maybe for a while.

So… back to going for my dreams.

I’ve got plenty but a few will start happening this year.

  1. Travel and Events
  2. Cosplaying
  3. Drag
  4. Bellydancing
  5. Of course, be of software architect level

Of course, these can be expensiiiiive.

$$$ kaching kaching $$$

Travel, costumes, classes, teachers. Ugh… They add up. And we are also updating our home or rather lawn.

Oh, by the way, I am the solo breadwinner while the hubby takes a much-needed break.

So now I realize the need for a budget. But this one, I can embrace.

Because it’s not from a place of scarcity.

Rather it’s from a place of priorities of joy and pleasure.

I love to travel to new places and experience events. And they cost money. So I am willing to forgo some expenses to spend more on pleasurable things.

Yes, NAO I’m going to revisit our finances and budget which needs updating. Allocate more to joy and fun.

Budget around the lifestyle you want (realistically).

Yeah yeah!

On a similar note, the hubby and I are also finishing up stuff we have accumulated but haven’t around to using. One practice of abundant living is you never take anything for granted or go to waste such as unused gift cards.

We’re scouring through our cupboards for goods we have yet to cook with and supplements we need to take and finish. Not only does this clear and create space, this helps with savings.

PS. The photo is not related to the post at all. I just like the photo. 😀

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