Take a Ride with Me

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You know that moment…

When you think you have had enough.
When you want to change how you feel everyday.
Or when you want to change your place in the world.

That moment will turn into a ride you’ll never want to get out of.

For me, my journey started with my first weight loss diet called The Flat Belly Diet. While this diet had some aspects of what I now loathe about dieting like calorie counting, it taught me how one can push themselves when you’re motivated enough. The Flat Belly Diet got me waking up early (a miracle even now), menu planning, eating at the right time and the wonders of good fats.

My roommate, who’s been riding on my cooking (cherish your flatmates who cook, you will miss them), lost 4 inches off his waist. I, on the other hand, barely lost any. Yet, the feeling of eating a homecooked meal 4 times a day, yes 4. And the excitement of cooking with nuts and different oils (a new thing for me) has definitely left a mark.

I then bought my next diet book. Because I needed to know more.

After several books, the information became too confusing. Too many “this is the right way”, “this is the right lifestyle”. That revealed to me just how many food theories and food religion there is out there.

So I studied health coaching. It was the only way I could get a 100 food theories in my head and have the decision making skills to know which one I should adhere to.

Health coaching opened up a whole new *different* aspect of health and diet. It introduced to me the importance of meditation, mindfulness, rest.

And Creativity.
And Spirituality.

And Joy.

That it’s not all calories, nutrition, avoiding sugar, sodium and transfat. It’s more. Way more. Way way way waaaaaay more than what you put into your mouth and the calories you need to burn.

My journey, I think everybody’s journey, to change, to shift, will start with something very physical and very tangible.

Something like starting a diet called The Flat Belly Diet.
Somethint like decluttering and organizing.
Starting a savings account.
Or joining a gym.

Something in our world that needs to make sense and is safe to change.

After health coaching, I needed to know more again. I studied functional nutrition, went to several online business schools, and got certified in belief work, money mindset and career development. I have more than 5 certificates under my belt which I don’t do anything with.

I was a junkie. I am a junkie.

Because you’re not really on a journey to change. You’re in a journey of finding joy. Finding yourself.

And it starts with that small moment. A sigh of defeat when you’re coming to work and you’re disengaged. Going through your clothes and again seeing that one tiny dress you’ve kept for 10 years to fit into. Holding your daughter and thinking “oh my gosh, I want to provide her the best life possible.”

It starts in that tiny moment. Split second.

Then in another split second, the decision to change arrives. The decision to be better. A better human being for ourselves and for others.

And maybe, quite possibly, for the first time ever, you listened to your soul, to yourself in something that truly matters to you and mostly only you.

Then you’re in for a ride.

In this ride of your life, you will poke your money issues, nudge food issues,  confront daddy issues. And you may lose weight, you may gain more money, you will cry, you will experience joy.

And sometimes you will fail, but it feels like okay.

You’ll shift. Then shift some more. Until we look back and realize, you’re not that person you were a few months ago.

You’ve changed.

Except you’re not really changing. You’re stripping down limitations. Restrictions. Constraints. We’re stripping off layers of fat, of weight, of debt, and more holistically, layers of years of listening to other people but never to yourself.

Do you have that one friend who asks for your advice but will keep saying “yeah, but i tried that. yeah but I can’t do that…”


You woyld have stripped off layers and layers of “yeah buts…”

Then, you might finally start playing tennis or learn the violin or go to Spain. Because it’s what you’ve been longing to do. You finally have a saving account of 5 digits. You took salsa classes. You rediscover God.

And then some more.

My health coaching school was right. It’s way more than food and calories.

It will be more than just savings and investments. More than just having an immaculate house. Or a happy marriage.

I found creativity.
I found spirituality.
I found joy.

Because I peeled the layers and saw myself peeking through the layers. I finally listened after my inner self have been screaming through the noise of society and business.

I found myself. And with myself, health, abundance, career stepped forward for me.

Who says self love is just a woowoo concept?

The only one who should be the most invested in you, is yourself. Not your boss, nor your circle of friends, nor your parents or family. You. You’re the only one who can. Noone can do this for you.

Remember that yeah-but friend. Are you that friend?

In conclusion, I invite you to breate and listen. To you. In your mind’s eye, ask your heart, what is my next step? No matter how incredulous, the first answer is usually the right one.

Take a ride with me and never get off.

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