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No more clothes! What?!?

Triple Thinking Laundry

Last year I was made aware that washing your clothes can cause pollution. I was like, “Seriously. I make my own laundry, use the most purest (well almost purest) of ingredients and I still cause pollution.”┬áTo be fair, in this day and age, what’s really pure and natural? Turns out, as the laundry monster (my […]

Winning in 2015

Okay, confession. I’ve written and rewritten this entry because heaven knows I have NOT written in the longest, looonnngggessssttt time. So far, I’ve hated what I wrote so I’m not even going to expect much. I’m just going to be me and I hope you enjoy me as me. Yeah? Nuf said. Moving on. My […]

Happy New Year 2015!!!

Reviving this blog to chronicle my healthy living, healthy lifestyle, healthy everything. So many things I wish to do WHILE maintaining a great great GREAT job and a happy (at least sane) marriage. Big challenge I know. A girl has to have goals. So I’m (re)-naming this blog: MEEMAX CLEANS UP. Because, biyatches (just a […]

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