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Fiery Black

Fiery Black Sunset seen at Sunset Cliffs

Fiery Black by Meema Esguerra at

[San Diego Trip] Sunset Cliffs

After beaching, with wet hair and salty salty skins, we headed out for Point Loma. I read it has one of the most spectacular views of sunset. We rushed with our cop car, speeding our way through traffic to get there before sunset.

Damn state park was closed. Closes at 4:30pm. Who gets to watch sunset at 4:30???

Anyway the Navy guard…

[San Diego Trip] Mission Beach

First off, it’s not a San Diego trip without going to the beach. With the perfect weather, this is why I chose San Diego for this trip.

We first went to Coronado beach. Coronado beach was voted #2 most beautiful beach resort in the US together with the iconic and classy Hotel Del Coronado. When we got there it was too…

Mis-adventures in San Diego

Ola! Sorry about the lag in the entries. Me and my buds recently went to San Diego to spend our July 4th weekend in sun, sand and water. The trip was awesome and my travel buddies were the best travel buds ever! Can’t wait to do this with them again. 😀 Summarizing, this was our […]

Photography at $5

vintage/toy camera collection as of 07/18/2011

I’ve started a new hobby and I can’t per-se say that I’m a collector or that I’m a pure film photographer but at this stage I do do do want to learn and love film/toy photography. I’m already an iphoneagraph-er (google it, hundreds of sites on it) which sprung from being into ketaigraphy (ketai – […]

A Day Not to be Missed

Prepping the chicken

Today was our trip to the quaint and sweet town of Carmel. By midday we should have been driving round the 7-mile drive, taking pictures of the most photographed cypress tree in the world while taking in the fresh seabreeze scent of this beach town. But, we missed it. Nope, the alarms (note the plural […]

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